Online LTC Class

You can do LTC classes in Texas online. The online class can be taken 24/7 from anywhere that suits your needs.  GunProud LTC and its partner are approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).  You do not need to take the class in person anymore. The online class is the a great way to get certified for your Texas license to carry. The course is basic and easy to understand. You will be able to pass this test easily at home with this course. The whole purpose of the course is to learn.

The Texas LTC Class

The online class is self paced and works on all devices including your smartphone. You can take it anywhere at any time. The course is video based but you can listen to it anywhere and anytime.

The online class is meant to be easy for everyone to understand. They break down and explain every aspect of the carry laws. It should feel like you are sitting in a classroom with the instructor. This course is the number one online LTC class in Texas.

Certificate of Training

The certificate of training, also called the LTC 101 is available to download instantly upon completion of the class. This is the DPS document that is needed to apply for your Texas license to carry. You will not need to wait to receive this document, it’s downloadable instantly.

LTC Application Process

The course will cover how to apply for your Texas license to carry. The application process is easy and is completed online on the Texas DPS website. The course will guide you step by step to complete the application correctly. The first step is to take the course.

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