Why You Should Get Your Texas License To Carry

It is true that as of Sept. 1, 2021, you will be able to carry a handgun in Texas without a carry permit, so many Texans often ask… “Should I still get my Texas License to Carry permit?” The short answer is “Yes”, but here is why below…

There are many circumstances where having a license to carry in Texas becomes extremely beneficial and in some situations, necessary to not break the law. Why is that?

Well Texas Law gives LTC holders more rights.

Major Benefits

  • Carry Reciprocity: Carry your gun in other states where a carry license is required.
  • Firearm Purchases: No delay and no additional background check when you have an LTC and are purchasing a firearm in Texas.
  • Carry your gun in more places: State law gives LTC holders the ability to carry in many places where constituional carry is not allowed. Examples: federal gun-free school zones, private property without specific signage, hospitals, nursing facilites and amusement parks, governmental meetings, bars, school district parking lots, college campuses and more.
  • Invaluable Training: Knowing when you can and cannot use a gun is paramount to not getting caught up in an unforgiving legal system.
  • Evidence of Training: Being able to show you took advantage of the state license and it’s required training can be a valuable tool your attorney can use in your favor.


Why You Should Get Your Texas LTC

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