Carrying a firearm in your vehicle

You absolutely can sand should carry – but you need to know – Texas vehicle carry laws vary depending on what type of firearm you are carrying in your vehicle. Long gun and handguns have separate laws that apply to them when you have them in your vehicle.

Let’s discuss the Texas vehicle carry laws for both types of firearms. The laws we discuss only apply to Texas and having firearms in your vehicle in Texas. They DO NOT apply to traveling outside of Texas with firearms in your vehicle.

Texas Handgun Vehicle Laws

Can my handgun be visible in my car in Texas?  Yes, BUT ONLY if it is in a holster. Texas vehicle carry laws require your handgun to be in a holster if it is visible. This means you can take it off your side and lay it on the passenger seat, stick it between the console and the seat or use a holster that mounts to your dash – BUT IT NEEDS TO BE IN A HOLSTER. The handgun can be loaded or unloaded.  If the handgun is not in a holster it needs to be in it’s case, range bag or somewhere secure and safe. The case or bag can be sitting on your seat and the case or bag can be visible, just not the actual handgun unless it’s in a holster.  Regardless, you must still be legally qualified to own and posses a handgun under state and federal laws.

Rifle Vehicle Laws

When it comes to carrying a rifle in your vehicle in Texas, there are NO laws on how they must be carried.  A rifle can be loaded or unloaded. It can be visible or concealed, there are no laws requiring a rifle to be stored in a certain way. You must still be legally able to own and posses a rifle under state and federal laws.  REMEMBER – It is not safe to have a unsecured LOADED rifle in your vehicle.  Please do not do carry a rifle that way.

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